What age should I start my children in martial arts?

At Budokai Judo Club, we’ve been offering top judo and martial arts instruction to children and adults in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for a year now and we get many questions from parents about martial arts and what it can mean for their kids.

What age should I start my children in the martial arts?

It’s a good question and one we get a lot. As a parent, you are naturally concerned and feel you might be exposing them to a rough and tumble environment where bigger, stronger kids will dominate the smaller, younger children. You may even feel you might be encouraging your kids to use physical means to settle their problems.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

You may also be under the impression that your children have to be 10 or older to really benefit from the kind of physical conditioning and sparring that judo and other martial arts instruction entails.

That’s not true either. Let us explain why.

The Perfect Age: Four
We believe that 4 years old is an ideal age to begin judo lessons. There are many studies which have proven that martial arts instruction can impart a host of benefits to younger children.

• They will develop coordination and agility along with general physical conditioning
• Their confidence will grow as they build their skills and progress through the rankings to earn their belts
• They’ll learn valuable life skills, including control and self-discipline in a safe setting

A Key Moment in Their Development
As a parent, you know that every stage has its importance in the growth of your child. There are some key aspects of development that begin to come into play at age 4 where judo training is the ideal complement to your good parenting.

• At age 4, children can play in an active mode for longer periods of time
• They are able to concentrate for longer periods
• They are coordinated enough to run, walk down flights of stairs and use their limbs separately from each other
• They understand the need for safety and know key concepts like how to avoid bumping into others
• They will have a developing sense of judgment but still need guidance in making good decisions

All of these key areas can be aided by practising the sport and martial art of judo. Our child-friendly instructors know how to impart physical, mental and social skills adapted to children and we pride ourselves on maintaining an atmosphere where mutual respect is key.

Call us today to ask about judo instruction for children, including Kinder Judo Classes for kids 4-5 years old. We’d be happy to discuss our program and show you around our facilities.

About Budokai Judo Club
Budokai judo club is based in Toronto and was founded by Sensei’s Rick Koglin and Ray Litvak, (Certified Judo black belts and instructors). The goal of the club is to imbue its students (men, women, children) with the character, confidence and courage that practicing judo over time instils in its students.

The club can be found in Toronto at 1110-5 Finch Ave. West, North York, Ontario M3J 2T2 and is located in the North York Aikido Club/Aikido Hokuryukai. For more information, please contact Rick Koglin at (416) 712-6751.

Budokai Judo Club is the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) answer to professional judo instruction (recreational, fitness and competitive) for people of all ages.

Budokai Judo Club: Providing judo lessons for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) including Toronto, North York, Downsview, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge and York Region, Ontario.


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