Peter Turtlebury

Excellent judo instructors, a good judo club, lots of history between Sensei Rick and Sensei Ray. Very technical. Best of luck for the future.

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Greg Brownings

I took judo when I was a kid and enjoyed it. When my son was old enough I signed him up for judo. He’s been studying with Sensei Rick Koglin at Owen Public School for over a year now and we just joined the Budokai Judo club. If you’re looking for a good judo club in the GTA with a instructor that’s great with kids, consider Budokai.

Jacqueline Parker

Our son is 12 years old and just starting to experience bullying at school last year. A neighbour suggested we look into the new Budokai Judo Club to help him to develop safe skills and techniques to protect himself. Just one week into the program and his confidence is already starting to build. The best part is – he loves the club and is already making some friends. We love the clean and pristine look and feel of the club and the professional and attentive one on one instruction. Jayson raves about Rick. He’s a very patient, knowledgeable and friendly teacher and the kids really seem to connect with him. He knows how to make Judo a really fun sport to learn.

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Steve Starnes

It was nice to see” Old School Judo” being taught again. Both Sensei Rick & Sensei Ray are from that era of technical stand up judo. Both these Sensei’s are experienced teachers of the true meaning of judo with it’s Respect and Mutual Benefit. I cant wait to see the caliber of new “Judoka” from the Budokai Judo Club.

Eric Roberts

Ray and Rick are amazing, friendly and highly technical instructors. They have proven to be invaluable instructors in my Judo career and I would highly recommend anyone wanting to improve their Judo skills to attend The Budokai Judo Club. I look forward to coming here more often.

Jon Roberts

The Budokai Judo Club has a great atmosphere with a nice training area with real tatami. Rick and Ray (the instructors) are approachable, knowledgeable, and great with the students. I’m very happy with the new club, and look forward to training there for years to come.

Emin Sheykhislyamov

We visited the club for a joint training and we liked the friendly atmosphere at the club as well as the level of expertise showed by senseis Rick and Ray. We also were impressed by the way they engaged kids in learning the judo techniques through cleverly designed games. Our students enjoyed the experience very much and we’ll definitely will be doing this again.

Tim Miller

We’ve had our son in a variety of martial arts over the past few years, from Tea Kwon Do to Karate and more. In the past, he would stick with it for a few weeks and quickly lose interest. He would get frustrated with the lack of attention from the instructor or get lost among a ton of other kids. We have seen a complete turnaround since bringing him to Budokai Judo Club. The instructors are great! They take the time to learn the student’s name and learning style, explaining techniques in a way that the student can absorb and understand and then work with him one-on-one until he’s comfortable and confident enough to practise with less supervision. The classes rarely exceed 12 students which means everyone gets the attention they need and with a minimum of 2 black belt instructors on the mat at any one time, students progress faster and get more out of it. Matt just received his orange belt and looks forward to going to judo. We are thrilled with the club and its instructors. Budokai is unlike many other martial arts clubs that charge an arm and a leg for babysitting service. They are reasonably priced, but the level of instruction and attention that students receive is really what makes the club special. I highly recommend them, especially their youth judo program. T. Miller