Judo for Self-Defense

How Effective is Judo for Self-Defense?

Judo for Self-Defense

Sure, you’ve seen the movies where one guy takes out a whole crew of the bad guys just by using the right martial arts techniques – but how does it stack up in the real world if you use judo for self-defense?

Of the martial arts, Judo is perhaps uniquely suited to the real world and situations you may encounter in daily life. Many of those flashy techniques look great on film but in reality would be hampered by clothing, uneven terrain and other issues you can’t control.

You also don’t get to choose your opponents in real life, where aggressive situations can occur when you least expect them.

Here are some points where using Judo for self-defense makes good sense:

• Judo uses realistic conditions – it’s not just a sport. For example, you will learn how to grip your opponent’s Gi as part of your take-down technique – it’s more like what you’d encounter in the real world than in the ring where your opponent is wearing spandex shorts.

• Judo’s emphasis is on evasion and adaptation to your opponent’s fighting techniques, making them lose balance and getting them down to the ground. It’s what will even the odds against a stronger opponent.

• Judo employs physics – leverage – using your opponent’s own movements to take them down, so it’s best used when the other person is attacking or reaching to grab you – i.e. not for your own attack.

• Rather than emphasizing the ground game alone – which again isn’t likely to be what you’ll encounter in the real world – in Judo it’s used as a finishing technique to the standing moves.

• Judo emphasizes control – how to fall well. When many people fall, they panic and the fight is lost. By learning how to break your fall, you stay calm and in control.

• In Judo, you stand upright, which in practise is the best way to stay in control – not the crouching fighting stance typical of many other martial arts.

• Free sparring is much like a real life street fight.

Judo uses repetition to teach moves, similar to how a piano player practises scales. When the time comes, your body knows how to execute the right moves automatically. It can be practised by a person of any age or ability level – meaning anyone can learn how to defend themselves.

In real life, there are no weight classes – you have to deal with the situation at hand. By learning the classic Judo principles that allow a smaller person to defend themselves against a bigger opponent, in effect, using the difference in strength against your opponent by taking them off balance, you’ll end up equipped for what life may toss your way.

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