Judo for Adults in Toronto

You’re never too old to start Judo!

Judo as an art dates back to 1882 when martial arts were revived in an increasingly westernized Japan by professor Jigoro Kano. It was developed from the principles of Jiu-Jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is more focused on the physical aspects of martial arts practice, while Judo is considered a ‘martial way’ – i.e. it’s also a philosophy.

Judo is the ideal martial art for adults even at the beginning stages. While it does exist nowadays as a competitive sport – and our experienced Judo instructors can take you that far if it’s your goal – it begins with a system of self-defence

Judo: The Gentle Way

The art of Judo is also known as “the gentle way” in that it promotes evasion of an aggressive attack through leverage and other techniques. It teaches a smaller person to successfully defend themselves against a larger, stronger aggressor by actually using that imbalance of power to take the aggressor off balance. Judo emphasizes efficiency in execution, meaning:

  • You will learn how to get the maximum effect with the minimum of effort
  • Differences in size and strength are negated
  • It’s ideal for men, women and teen beginners of any age



Judo teaches spectacular throws, takedowns, along with what is known as the ground game, or grappling. The goal is to make your opponent lose their balance and end up on the ground, where through techniques like chokes, armlocks and hold downs, you can gain the upper hand no matter what your size.

Along with its specific techniques and moves, the benefits of Judo lessons are many:

  • You’ll gain self-confidence as your skills grow
  • You’ll gain physical conditioning
  • It helps to improve self-control and self-discipline

Our experienced Judo instructors maintain a safe learning environment where mutual respect is key.

Toronto’s Judo Club for Adults of all Ages

The Go-To Judo Club in Toronto serving North York, the Greater Toronto (GTA), Etobicoke, Vaughan & York Region for adults of all skill levels: Call 416-712-6751 or e-mail us today to learn more. You’ll be glad you did!

Budokai Judo Club – 1110-5 Finch Ave. West – North York, Ontario – M3J 2T2
(Located in North York Aikido Club/Aikido Hokuryukai)

Judo for adults in North York including Judo classes, Judo school and private Judo lessons taught for residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA),North York, North Etobicoke, South Etobicoke, East York, Toronto, Vaughan, Downsview, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Concord and Markham, Ontario.


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